Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dont leave me alone....

1st october 2012
An Indosian lady (G3P2) who is pregnant at term came with complain of pv bleeding for about 2 days. On examination (Vaginal examination, VE) os closed. So, she packed her things and went home. Plan: induction labor on 2nd october 2012.

2nd October 2012
she called and told us she don't want to give birth today because according to her sister at Indonesia, "this date will bring bad luck to your baby"..Okay, fine. It's up to you then. You pay for all the service provided after all.

3rd October 2012
11 am: vaginal suppositories inserted by physician.
12 pm: os opened for about 1-2cm
5 pm: still the same, os opened about 2cm
9 pm: the condition is still the same. due to poor progression, doctor's inserted vaginal suppositories once again

4th october 2012
3 am: she complain of pain and already have spontaneous ruptured of membrane (SROM). upon examination, os open about 2-3cm
6.01 am: complain of pain again. os opened for about 5-6cm. i left her alone and solat first. During solat, i heard baby's crying. "NO,NO, its only my imaginary", i thought..

"Dum..DUM..DUM..the baby is coming", said her husband. And yes, she already delivered, what i heard just now is not my imaginary but its reality..Oh my god!!!!what am i doing????

Really frustrated..once in my life this situation happen. Yes, that night is my turn. NURSE ONCALL...

Alhamdulillah, eventhough she gave birth alone (dont wanna wrote this part =(, oh no without me, nurse oncall) her and her's baby were healthy.

I've learnt something. If you felt doubt, dont leave her alone or make a proper check, doubled check. Dont just assume..=(

Oh, God please save me..jangan jadikan kerjayaku ini sebagai fitnah untukku dan masa depan kerjayaku, amin

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